In memoriam


Ch. Selvira van de Anjosimi

Born: 03-01-2003

Race: Siamees

Color: Seal point (SIA n)

Deceased on:  23-08-2015

Selvira has suddenly died as a result of an pancreas inflammation. De medicine did not work properly. To prevent further suffering we put her down. Selvira was the first daugther of Angel and therefore she had a special place in our harts. We miss you a lot!

Sleep tight dear Selvira

Liana van de Anjosimi

Born: 08-10-2010

Race: Siamees

Color: Chocolate Point (SIA b)

Deceased on: 13-08-2015

Liana died while struggling in the battle for lymph gland cancer. We did everything we could do. Liana was a super sweet cat with a nice personality and she was a good mother. We mis her a lot. And so does her daughter Onyx lady.

Sleep tight Liana

Ch. Angel van het Heuveltje

Geb: 08-10-2000

Race: Oosters Korthaar

Color: Cinnamon (OSH o)

Deceased on:  17-9-2012

Angel died as a result of kidney failure. She was a great mom. Being a mother was everything for her. She helpt other cats with her kittens and she gave milk even though she didn’t have any kittens. Angel was my first cat and with her I started the cattery. I will mis her very much. She has a special place in my heart. She meant everything to me!

Sleep tight Angel



Ch. Cathy of Anjosimi
Race: Siamese

Color: Lilac Point (SIA c)


Kaitlyn van de Anjosimi

Race: Siamees

Color: Lilac point (SIA c)

Cathy gave birth by caesarean section.Rather than to refurbish Cathy was just sick and she would not eat.
Many vet visits followed this.
Cathy has had generators appetite, the nausea and medicine
the stomach and antibiotics. Unfortunately, nothing helped, and Cathy was just getting sicker.
After six days cathy got red and black spots on her belly [Severe necrotizing
2 mastitis affected mammary glands].
Cathy was taken to the vet to treat your skin properly and operate.
There was also a stomach tube placed cathy eat.
Cathy was operated on three times and after a few days it was still not better
cathy she still did not eat and pined away. She was already very poor.
After consultation with the vet we decided to say goodbye to Cathy.
Cathy deceased from breast necrotisende Purulent inflammation and
dead skin, muscle layer and many fibrin persistent anorexia behavior.
Cathy has also been given antibiotics but has not given much improvement.
Kaitlyn was bottle feeding because Cathy was too ill to care for her and milk.
The first week went very well with Kaitlyn and they grew well. Unfortunately, a Kaitlyn
big belly and she had colic. We have the vet laxative
achieved but there was nothing loose. We took Kaitlyn to the same vet
days that were not going well with Cathy when the veterinarian tried to
loose stools zit enemas. She has had three but there was nothing loose.
Kaitlyn had a blockage in the small intestine and probably the intestines
rotated or there was a knot in it. Because she was too small to
operate, we say goodbye to Kaitlyn.
Kaitlyn deceased from constipation, very full belly, Microlax moderate effect,
paraffin rectal still swollen belly and pelvic pain.
I have fought for all but two have lost the battle.
Rest in peace dear sweet little Kaitlyn and Cathy, you have a special place in our hearts.

He remains in our thoughts. On September 26, 2007 We say goodbye to Thunder. Thunder is 10 years old. He got a severe hernia with failure. The medicine did not and he suffered unbearable pain. Therefore we have spared him the lead further. He did not deserve this. Thunder Yessie missed very much. Thunder was really my big friend! We miss him very much! And I hope he and Yessie a nice spot in heaven. Rest in peace sweet teddy bear.

She remains in our thoughts. On January 25, 2007 We say goodbye to our Yessie. Shedied of old age. Yessie is twelve and half years old. Thunder misses his buddy and wemiss our friend.

He remains in our thoughts. Our great friend but became six years. We continue to misshim always! We hope you a nice spot in heaven gave you. And we love you very muchLucky.